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Return trip, interlude and now, back in the saddle

Cooling off or should I say pausing after moving back from Scotland has been necessary. In my case, this simply means that after such pervasive changes, it has taken some time to fully comprehend everything that this year has brought with it. The other aspect of change is how I’ve tried to steer ideas and consequently actions towards the future. I find great satisfaction in thinking of life as a bundle of projects or periods that have some sort of a starting and ending point. New projects in life are always educational and they test and stretch the boundaries of one’s comfort zone.

As the Scotland project finished and I’m now wandering (cycling) the streets of my home land, reflections are more heavily looking at times after my Ph.D. Peculiarly, I like to clean, fix and ride my cruiser bikes. Seems like an odd solution regarding future plans?

Admittedly, regarding my research, I’m at a stage where I wish my articles would get approval at a faster pace but it is what it is. At least personally I feel that my research themes are fascinating and that motivates me. I’ll write about the themes later, but as a spoiler, I can tell you that the significance of vernacular photographs as giving reassurance and a feeling of security is substantial. Especially concerning parents and their children. However, I’ll get back to these issues in January.

Concerning upcoming teachings and workshops. I’m planning on organizing some courses early next year around the end of January, and early February in the Tampere region and probably in Helsinki. Check back right after Christmas.

Lastly, as an early New Year’s resolution, I’m planning on doing my own real photography project for 2018. My goal is to find the time and finance for it…

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