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Dewy Dancing

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Farewell to the Highlands

My visit to Scotland is getting closer to the end. Here's a short film about my stay. I came up with an idea to present a poem and include the positive aspects of my nature relationship in a form of a video. After two weeks of pondering on it, I decided to make a dance video in various locations in Scotland. The concept was this: I very much enjoyed my time in here, but being in the wild brought me the biggest thrills. I decided to stand still in social situations and in urban locations, but getting to the countryside made me want to dance.I had a small struggle combining the national romantic poem and the jollity of dancing. The dancing bits represent the positivism and joy of being on location and the poem is more of a yearning to a conception of the highlands, in my view. Due to the cap in style and emotional state, I had to rearrange the various parts in the short film.I wanted to travel light and have a reasonable amount of work with editing. That’s why I chose to shoot with an iPhone and a small tripod. Admittedly, as I chose this type of light gear I lost in image quality quite a lot, but correspondingly it was much easier to climb, cycle, run and visit remote places with lighter and smaller gear.Hope you enjoy the video!

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